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Author Topic: Downloading Lending Club Statements in Excel Format?

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How do I download the Lending Club Statements in Excel Format (rather than pdf)?
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There are some pdf to Excel converters available on the web.  I used one of them awhile back on an LC statement.  Messy, but allowed me to check some things.
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It is possible to download your Lending Club statements to Excel format by following the steps below:

•   Log in to your Lending Club account
•   Click on "Statements"
•   Once you're on the "Statements" page, please paste the following link into your web browser's address bar:

Once you have completed the steps above and you select a statement, there will be an "Excel Version" link to download your statement in Excel format.
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Confirmed that it is currently just a pdf file with xls extension. However, this worked some time ago when I had tried it.
It may help to call in to LC and complain.
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