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Author Topic: Errors while accessing Note details on several notes

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Since Monday I have been noticing several Notes with errors when accessing the "original listing" on several notes.
This is just one example: and then Click on "Original listing" at the top right corner.. out pops the error.. "An Error Has Occurred. Your Lending Club account has encountered an error. We apologize for the inconvenience"

I am seeing several Notes with errors. Its almost like 5 in every 7 notes.
Is anyone else seeing the same problem?
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Any filtered searches under Folio I make result in error pages.  When this started several months ago, I was able to simply clear my browser cache and the problem would go away.  Now even with a cleared cache, I get nothing but errors.  Wonder if it is related.
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Please report errors you see to LC.  They can't fix stuff they don't know about, and in my experience they don't know about anything that you don't tell them about.
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I have twice.  Their response each time was that they were aware of it but it is Folio's issue.  Fortunately, I was able to unload 95% of my holdings prior to this bug rearing its ugly face.
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