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Author Topic: Automatically downloading notes.csv file: anyone know how to

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I am looking to have the file programmatically downloaded into Excel, does anyone have any experience doing it, and if so can you please share whether it can be done, as well as possibly ideas / specific code that enables this download.

Many thanks in advance.
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You can use a free Macro add-on such as iMacros (for FF, IE & Chrome) and create a simple Macro to "automatically" download the file. The CSV file can then be opened in Excel.
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Very interesting, can you say a bit more about this method please...?
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My question is along the same lines as this thread.
I have figured out how to automatically download the file to excel so I can run my own queries on it.

However, my problem is that I don't know how to detect that a new set of notes has come out so I can download the most updated file.  Normally I'll refresh the page until I see a new one is out then manually run my scripts...but I'd like to have this automatically download only when new notes are issued (it seems like they are at random times up to 2 or 3 minutes past the hours they are suppose to come out). Anyway to do this without the API?

also, is there a glossary for all the additional fields that are in the file?

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Empty and Disable Cache in your Browser when you are downloading file. The browser is caching file, on repeat requests browser is checking if cached file has changed before initiating download. It most probably taking up a few extra precious seconds.

from: RaymondG on March 20, 2014, 12:41:45 AM
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