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  • Losing $ Due to Low Offers? Frustrated With Defaults /Declines? Can't Close The Deal?

    To make money, you HAVE TO think outside of the box.

    Example of a recent deal: Broker sent me a lead because Merchant needed $30K and he was only able to get him $15K offer because the merchant already had 2 positions and only gross sales of $420,000. The $15K approval amount reflected the 3rd position. The merchant refused the $15,000 so the broker put it in his dead file, until he saw my post last month. Solution: I was able to get the merchant an advance of $30,000 by getting him a Personal Loans of $15K to pay off the 2nd position cash advance making him eligible to get the $30K going into 2nd position. Got 10% commission, $3000, which I split with broker. But then it got better.

    By talking with the merchant I found out something that the broker wasn't aware of, that the merchant owned commercial property which he valued at $400K, and was also looking for a loan against that property. Since I also do traditional loans I took an application and when it went to appraisal we found that the property wasn't worth $400,000, but closer to $750,000! I got him a traditional 5 year, fixed rate loan of $500,000 @ 6.799%, 30yr amortization! Got 1% commission on this particular deal, $5000 which I split with the broker. Many times the commissions are higher! So, instead of the broker tossing this lead, the broker made $4000 just be sending me the lead!

    Send your dead lead files to me, let me turn them into CA$, or call 877-600-FUND Looking forward to hearing from