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  • Remote ISO's - Work from home, free leads.

    Direct Line: 718.581.9802 (please text)
    39 Broadway Ste 930 NY, NY 10006

    All other methods of contact will be in body of email when I reply to either email or text. We have a reputation for being honest because we don't cannibalize on our own people. And I intend on treating this expansion the same way.

    Broadway Advance is now taking on remote ISO's nationwide. Family and Individual circumstances change, and this industry still is one of the most flexible full time/part time jobs around.

    For those with the natural gift of gab, but limited submission knowledge and closing abilities, monetize your strengths.
    Remote Brokers will be compensated by the level of work put into any particular deal. This shall be discussed over the phone.

    My suggestion
    Newer Brokers: Why waste time with iso paperwork with 50 lenders, learning matrices, developing relationships in an overly saturated market when you can just sign one iso paperwork, learn one matrix, and develop one lucrative relationship. Get the docs in, let us know what you need, we will generate the offer in house or outsource,regardless you get paid. This saves you the pressure of closing as we have experienced brokers who only close deals and have juice to negotiate terms. The administrative paperwork like closing stips and all that nonsense, takes time away from you bringing in new files. A CRM will give you access to leads and transparency of deals. You will also have the option to syndicate if you wish . My direct line, email, and cellphone are the three mistresses in my life so you have a direct line to me always.

    Closers: Need leads, offers, and you handle the rest? Perfect, eat the lion's share of commission and move on to the next one , let us deal with submissions, negotiations on your part, and you worry about closing.

    Very important that you are aware of your current abilities. We will go through a probationary period where if offers are made at or above market standard and are not closed (if you choose to close yourself), then an adjustment must be made.
    Either way, you have help/support/ and please let us know if you are looking for a deal for a repeat client, it allows us to treat the file differently for you. We don't rely on strict algorithm based underwriting. As of now it is imperfect. We know industries, we know that certain files that may look bad are typical of the industry and we structure deals in that manner.