xFUNDER is an outsourced sales group for MCA and Alternative Business Loan lenders.

How would you like to be a lender sales rep that call sell 4-5-10 lenders products instead of 1.

Currently we sell for Worldwide Capital Management - IOU Financial - Vital Cap - Central Diligence Group and for multiple Property Lenders to have a great variety to help you make more commissions and money on the same amount of opportunities.

All of our lenders have very strong products in the market and we are adding more this year to give you more to sell.
-WCM offers 1st/2nd's out to 11/12 mos up to $1.5million and 3rds to 700k on trucking - construction - staffing - atty's or other strong businesses.
-IOU has 12 month to 150k at 1.32 paying 8.5%.
-VitalCap has loans out to 15 mos with very aggressive 12 month rates up to 500k.
-CDG does a great job on big 2nds and 3rds that are good deals with a story.

Property loans are min loan of 200,000 to 20,000,000 with monthly Interest Only payments at 12% rate and 1-3 yr deals.
This is an amazing under used product for over stacked clients or clients that need big money and don't want to pay MCA rates.

If you are aggressive and love to bring in new brokers, want the freedom to sell more products to your ISO partners and get more loans closed - come work with xFUNDER. We are growing and want to grow even more!

Contact me if interested.

Jackie Nickell