Business Loan Lenders & or Brokers in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles, CA)

Hello, my name is Nick and I reside in Woodland Hills, CA. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for starting up businesses that become successful. I have over 24years of experience in sales. 15 years ago I ran a mortgage firm for about 8 years until the market crashed. Recently, I have done some research in regards to the small business loan industry / MCA, etc.. and I am very interested in learning more. I know that there are so many people here or in this industry who talk a lot and promise the world, but I am hoping to find someone real and genuine who can mentor me without BS while being transparent.

I am very motivated and eager to begin ASAP. I currently have a 5-person telemarketing team ready to work and help me prospect. I am looking for a mentor or a potential business partner where I can learn from on a daily business. This is a new industry for me, so I am looking for someone seasoned and successful to show me the ropes. I prefer someone local in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles, CA).

I currently go on 2 appointments a day selling solar panels driving to different homeowners here in LA County, but I miss the office hustle working the phones, working on large nationwide campaigns. I appreciate all the help in advance!

Skype- Globalbusinessideas