Breaking News!!!

My 3-year residency @US Business Funding has officially completed. The ending of this relationship has me more optimistic about my next business relationship. Being able to successfully train top reps, build out custom processes, manage Salesforce projects and more has given me tools that no school can teach.

"If you’re not growing your dying, and if you don't know your worth then don’t get mad at those who don't appreciate your value."

With around 7 years in the industry, and being a part of 2 companies who 3-5 times their revenue during my time there has eliminated the coincidence factor. I'm not saying I am the number one reason, but when you combine myself with someone who is obsessed with reaching their goals, my job description reads "whatever it takes".

I've had a chance to meet a handful of great salespeople, even few leaders and so far, I've only had a chance to watch Shepard's from a far.

• Sales reps are like various plants, some need more water, others need more sun. But at the end of the day they will only grow to the size of the planter you put them in.
• Leaders are great goal-oriented people, they lead the way and will go for gold. They will teach task and habits to get you going but will leave you behind if you can't keep pace.
• Shepard's will manage, maintain and care for the flock they have been given. They will build relationships, they will protect, and they will take the whole flock to greener pastures.

It's #WINNINGSEASON and I'm excited to open up conversations I've been wanting to have for a while.

Broker shops who have been struggling to get to the next level, whether or not it's scaling or selling. Contact me and let's see if we have some value to offer each other.

Lenders I've been selling your products for a while and I've also worked with some great shops. How much value could you offer your partners if you had some from the industry teaching them how to scale and sell better?

I'm not in a rush to make any commitments, but I'm excited to have some new conversations. Not set on working for/with a broker, lender or just establishing a west coast presence for partner. I would be open to considering some significant cash incentives ( based on performance) and/or an equity upside would be considered.

I would most likely that the next month or two to plan my next move.

Click the link below on LinkedIn to watch the recent video I post, and take the time to message me if you want to have a conversation.

Let's keep #WINNING