Ever hope you were being paid more? Ever wish to be a millionaire? Ever want your fair piece of the returns you’re generating for the company?

We are a brokerage firm in the business for 3 years and we are hoping to give, and receive just that

We thrived in the "year-of-the-broker", and we funneled that into a consistent deal flow and marketing.

We are currently funding so many deal overflow, that we're currently opening our direct lender arm. We are seeking to open the firm with an underwriter whom has experience. This underwriter must desire to become an owner, ultimately looking to train others to do their work, and sit back and ultimately become an investor in deals, and investing in the companies competency and infrastructure. Equity ownership of the Lender arm is negotiable, will be sizable interest to ensure maximum wealth is gained. We are seeking a win-win situation in which the brokerage shop provides deal flow and the cash to lend through the lending arm of the business. The underwriter brings experience to the table

• Minimum 1 year experience. 3 years preferred
• Must have basic knowledge about background/lien/ucc/judgement checks
• Must be able to teach others

Collections will be outsourced unless otherwise advised

The ultimate goal would be to start our own lender, and you become the man at the top managing the funds, collecting cash, and ensuring other’s and correctly following the procedure we set in place

PM for more details. All PM's will be kept private and confidential. If we get a decent talk going, we would be more than happy to have candidates come in and see our operation, and go out to dinner to further discuss