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  • Mca Brokers partner with us. Credit Repair and Lines of Credit

    Call me Directly James 574.334.0221

    Are you tired of having deals that can't get funded? Are your clients in need more that $20,000 and don't have the deposits for more? Do you want to help your clients situation and get them up to $250k?

    Work with us at Havic Peters

    We get your client's credit repaired removing all derogatory information in 10-30 days on average. From student loans to charge offs to inquires and everything in between.

    Then we get the trade lines which raise their score to 680-720 so they can be approved for $250k worth of lines of credit. We can get you 50-50 commissions split or greater!

    Act now lets get your clients in a better situation.
    0% Unsecured Funding with No Income Verification – Good or Bad Credit! Startups, existing businesses, real estate investors and home based businesses welcome!
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    Thanks for the heads up bud!

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I'd love to connected and hopefully one day do some business together