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  • Need loan for towing company and heating and air

    Good Morning

    Merchant has average daily balances over $10,000 for the past three months. For the past three months deposits have been under $10,000 averaging $6 - $8K.

    need at least $8-10K

    I also have several merchants with deposits under 10K - need lenders that does the smaller deposits.

    have a heating and air company that does approximately $100K per month - did have a yellowstone judgment - 6 years ago, lien removed paid in full. This business is a california sole prop and NO outstanding advances at this time.

    thank you - Please only respond if you can provide assistance.

    laura burrell

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    We can help with these files.
    Lashelle Cobham | Team Lead
    Cell: 813.599.7048
    Visit us:
    Helping small business owners one funding at a time!


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      We can help if you are still in need of some assistance with the business owners.

      Juan-Diego Valerio | Sr. Business Advisor
      P (631) 926-3479 | F (631) 504-0714
      3500 Sunrise Hwy Building 100 Suite 201, Great River, NY 11739

      Schedule a Call


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            File from 2021??