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    Please review the details of a deal I am trying to place below. DIRECT LENDERS only thanks in advance.

    I have a deal which has been spinning around for 2 months with no home to be found. The deal is high risk as it is a logistics company which has been in business for 18 months with a bank account which is only 10 months old. Please review below to see if you would like to view this deal:
    • Logistics Company with one semi registered with the D.O.T and three vans which aren't as they are used for same-day deliveries for companies such as Uber Medical and Amazon
    • The applicant has a middle score of 650
    • Average monthly revenue is $45k yet last month due to several issues they only deposited $20k the previous two months were $60k
    • Company is 18 months old and their bank account is 10 months old
    • They have multiple bank accounts in which they transfer money to and from
    • They have been turned down by multiple MCA lenders
    • I have a complete package with all documentation
    • The applicant is looking for $50k yet I have lowered their expectation to $20k max and most likely their first advance being no more than that
    • The applicant is looking to be funded this week
    This deal has been hard if not impossible to place please let me know if you would like to take a look.

    Please email me at

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    Shoot me an email at
    I believe I can help with this.