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  • $20,000 Finders Fee - Seeking $750,000

    I know the money is out there, and I know it's available. I'm just trying to find the smart money people. In the past 30 days I've received offers which essentially are bad, like 95% interest on a 5 year term, 300% on a 2 year short term funding, etc.

    My email/mobile marketing company is 17 years old and is seeking $750,000 on a long term basis. Not an MCA. Not a 40% fee type of deal. Not a daily repayment kind of deal, etc. Seeking a deal that involves me sharing some equity in my company in return for the funds. The goal is to exit in 18 months by an acquisition. The acquisition that not only will return the $750k but will return potentially millions due to the equity piece that you will own. It is a simple deal.

    The key is timing. The M&A activity is hot right now so speed is the key.

    If there are investors out there reading this, and those who have REAL money to invest but not via an MCA, not secured on personal real estate, etc but secured only by an equity piece in the company (along with having the only UCC-1 on the company), contact me at The investor is welcome to be part of the day to day operations if they desire.

    Please, no more MCA or MCA-type individuals with 400% to 2,300% interest type offers. It's just not a good fit for this deal. The $20,000 will go to the person who sources and helps close the deal. Only 1 individual will get that.

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    It is difficult to comment, nor do I engage in debate over what you propose or have gone through. Real expertise is what is needed. Especially, from someone who knows the difference between a loan and an investor. As well as, an expert who knows the difference between a company that simply wants the money in order to exit in 18 months, which requires a certain kind of investor. Whatever you do please invest in finding an expert. That investment is not based on the success rate per se, which is associated with a finder's fee that you mentioned. But, it is based on what the expert helps your company bring to the table. If an expert has already been hired in the previous months or years, then the company looking for funds would not be here looking for funds. Investors want companies to put skin in the game and hire experts, not just have a so-called professional execute the amount they need. Also, remember the expert chooses who they want to work with. Many do not offer multiple skills. All the best!!


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      You do understand you are posting in a predominantly MCA Forum - Secondly, MCA Funding does NOT have interest rates, and are a purchase of your future receivables.

      There is no mention of the Gross Revenue, Profit Margins, the usage of the capital you are seeking, etc.
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