Slim Capital LLC
Greg Lamb
949 342 7677

Looking for Equipment Financing Options? Please see below! All equipment that generates revenue for a business can be considered!

Our equipment loans range anywhere from $25,000 - $3,000,000

Cannabis Equipment caps at $500k.

Attached is a PDF of the programs we offer.

Our most popular program is application only up to $300k. Can turn those around in a day with rates competitive to bank rates.

APP ONLY REQUIREMENTS: 1) Equipment Invoice 2)Credit Application 3) Last 3 months bank statements

(Documents Required Based on Loan Amount)

App Only Up to $300k: Credit Application, Last 3 months bank statements, equipment invoice

Full Financials $300k+: Same as APP ONLY requirements | Three Years Financial Statements (Business and Personal) | Three Years Tax Returns (Business and Personal) Current Year Interim Financial Statements | Personal Financial Statement | Debt Schedule | Equipment/Purchase Justification