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  • ITIN Funding!!

    Who knows about funding companies that work with ITIN clients?

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    We frequently fund ITIN clients. Would love to sign you up if you're not signed up with us already.

    Steve Rose


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      We do fund merchants with a ITIN however they need to be a permanent US resident with some sort of Government ID. They will have to have a resident card.

      I have attached below our funding guidelines & criteria. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to hop on a call to get acquainted or to discuss a potential deal.

      We specialize in:
      - Large Deals
      - High Risk
      - B to D Paper
      - 1st to 12th position

      - Default Deals
      (Entertained on a deal by deal basis, Satisfied judgments, payment plan, time of default, reason of default & more)

      - Other Company Declines
      (Deals that are hard to get offers on)
      - Reverse Consolidation
      (Daily ending balances must be at least 5k to 10k. The term left on the advance needs to end within 40 days
      or less. 0 bounced payments & paying minimum of 50k monthly in MCAs)
      - Exceptionally competitive with dollar amount.
      Our Product:
      10k to 3MM
      (For increase of funds, a deal by deal basis)
      Terms up to 95 days (Flexible with large funding amounts)
      Weekly payments available
      (Deal by deal basis)
      Early Payoff Discounts
      (Deal by deal basis)
      Instant DocuSign contracts
      All Submissions are priced at 1.49 with broker discretion to down sell

      Funding Criteria
      -Minimum monthly revenue - $50,000
      -Minimum monthly deposit count - 5
      -Average daily balances - $1,500.00
      -Time in business - 6 Months (12 months preferred)
      -All credit scores accepted
      -No credit checks (We focus on healthy ledgers and payments history)
      -Restricted industries minimum monthly revenue - $100,000
      -Canada - Yes, but must be a US bank account (Min Rev 150k)
      -Tax Liens - Must be on payment plan
      -Ownership 100% (All parties must sign)

      My name is Gill Navarro. I'm the Director of ISO relations here at Key Capital Group. We have been in the MCA industry since 2014 with a reputable & honest name. We are looking to onboard ISO's/Brokers with Integrity to build a long lasting partnership. We believe in a win win situation & know that the only way to build a solid, long lasting business with recurring revenue is with an honest & sincere approach which we have been practicing from day 1. Please feel free to call me to get acquainted & discuss how we can make a profitable partnership.

      Gill Navarro
      Director of ISO Relations
      Direct: 1(862)-303-3225


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        Changing the rules without holding official power is very hard. That’s why the next level is so influential: self-organization. Experimentation, bottom-up initiatives, passion projects, self-steering teams—all of these are examples of self-organization that improve the resilience and creativity of a company. It’s exactly this diversity of viewpoints that’s needed to structurally tackle big systemic issues like consumerism, wealth inequality, and climate change. Yet even stronger than self-organization are objectives and metrics. Our companies want to make more money, which means that everything and everyone in the company does their best to… make the company more money. And once I realized that profit is nothing more than a measurement, I understood how crucial a very specific, defined metric can be toward pushing a company in a certain direction.
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          Originally posted by Steve Rose View Post
          We frequently fund ITIN clients. Would love to sign you up if you're not signed up with us already.

          Steve Rose

          Hey Steve,

          Do you do ISOs Partnership? I'm really interested.


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            Yes! Shoot me a call or email.