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Company NamePhone numberUCC Alias 1Alias 2Alias 3Alias 4Alias 5
1st Merchant Funding 305-398-4270
Accord Business Funding 713-529-2570
American Allied Funding 888-551-9929
American Stimulus Funding 888-740-1175 ASF Capital Corp
AmeriMerchant/Capify 800-267-3790 Merchants Advance The Advance Funding Company Apex Advance, LLC
ARF Financial 866-702-4430 VWM Group, LLC
Bankcard Funding/Partners Funding 888-221-4545 BC Funding, LLC
Bankers Healthcare Group Inc. 954-384-9119
Business Consulting Options 877-504-3555
CAN Capital 866-700-6486 AdvanceMe Minglewood Services Sound Garden Rhino Services Birdsong Services
Capital For Merchants 877-898-2079 WindShadow Garden Ventures 250 Ventures International Channel Systems The Benjamins
Centerboard Funding 888-549-2111
Corporation Service Company (continued) 800-927-9800 Financial Agent Services Secured Lender Solutions LLC
DF Merchant Advance 866-337-2537 Duvera Billing Services
Direct Merchant Funding LLC 718-648-5600 Nexus Payment Systems
Empire Funding 347-622-3991
Express Working Capital 866-962-4922
Factor Funding 877-336-4575
Financing Solutions LLC 862-207-4118
Fundation 888-390-0064 Fundation Group LLC
Funding Circle 855-385-5356 FC Marketplace, LLC
GBR Funding Inc 678-813-4700 Greystone Business Resources
Gibraltar Capital Advance 847-272-9618
Green Growth Funding 888-447-6894 Green Growth Partners, LLC
Greenbox Capital 855-442-3423 Merchant Capital Group LLC
GRP Funding 877-571-7999
Infinity Capital Funding 877-422-7501 Infinity Capital Advisors
Kabbage 888-986-8263
Kings Cash Group, LLC 800-918-2002
Knight Capital Funding 800-701-2317 Knight Capital Funding II, LLC
Last Chance Funding 888-499-2939 The LCF Group
Lending Club 888-596-3159 Lendingclub Corporation
Max Merchant Funding 877-294-4448
Merchant Advance Funding LP 212-213-0193
Merchant Cash Funding
Merchant Cash Group 866-610-6559 Strategic Funding Partners
Mother Funding 469-402-1118 Rockwall Capital LLC
New Era Lending LLC 302-883-8306
Nextwave Enterprises 305-571-7300 Genesis Capital Enterprises Genesis Capital Partners GCP
Par Funding 215-922-2636 Complete Business Solutions Group
Pearl Capital 347-899-4029 Pearl Capital Rivis Venturs, LLC Pearl Cash Horizon Business Funding Pearl Beta Funding LLC
PowerUp Lending Group, Ltd. 888-705-3004
Premium Merchant Funding One, LLC 646-780-8720 Premium Merchant Funding
Prosperity Gold Capital 818-379-9574 Prosperity
Rapid Capital Funding 888-344-0095
RetailCapital / Credibly 888-664-1444 Death Valley LLC Red River Ridge LLC
Snap Advances 877-557-7627 Tango Capital Zulu Capital
Sterling Funding 866-456-5638 Quik Capital
Strategic Funding Source 800-780-7133 Colonial Funding Network
Viking Funding Group 855-928-1919
Wall Funding 877-851-3880 Global Merchant Cash
World Global Financing 866-881-1128


Square: Banking, Bitcoin, Now Streaming Beats?

March 4, 2021
Article by:

Jay-ZSquare bought a majority stake in Tidal, a music streaming service owned by Jay-Z, for $247 million.

Jay-Z will be joining the Square board and Tidal artists will keep their ownership in the firm. Jack Dorsey announced the move on Twitter, seeming to assuage worries from the first post.

“Why would a music streaming company and a financial services company join forces,” Dorsey wrote. “We believe there’s a compelling one between music and the economy. Making the economy work for artists is similar to what Square has done for sellers.”

Dorsey and Jay have been friends for years and were spotted hanging out with Beyonce on a yacht in the Hamptons this summer. Dorsey and Jay-Z last month went in on a multimillion Bitcoin trust fund to support Bitcoin development in India and Africa.

Square in San FranciscoJay-Z bought Tidal in 2015 for $56 million, but despite working with top music artists like Coldplay and Kanye West, the service has struggled to compete with Apple and Spotify. After a year of closed venues, Billboard reported that last year Tidal had a cash problem and was missing payments to rights holders. Tidal got a cash injection from the sale, while Square spent less than 1% of the firm’s value to bring Jay-Z’s leadership and network of music industry heavy-hitters into the fold.

“I said from the beginning that Tidal was about more than just streaming music, and six years later, it has remained a platform that supports artists at every point in their careers,” said Jay-Z in a press statement. “Artists deserve better tools to assist them in their creative journey. Jack and I have had many discussions about Tidal’s endless possibilities that have made me even more inspired about its future. This shared vision makes me even more excited to join the Square board. This partnership will be a game-changer for many. I look forward to all this new chapter has to offer!”

Online NeoBank Azlo Closing at End of Month

March 3, 2021
Article by:

AzloAzlo, an online business banking platform, announced it will be closing all accounts by March 31, 2021. The decision came down from the majority stakeholder BBVA, support staff dedicated to helping customers transfer out of the platform said.

“Unfortunately, it is true that our parent bank, BBVA USA, has made the decision to close Azlo and all Azlo accounts will be closed by March 31, 2021,” Alex from Azlo support said. “Please know that we regret this; helping small businesses and entrepreneurs survive and thrive has brought us nothing but joy and fulfillment, and we wish we could continue.”

Azlo has a “Business banking alternatives” blog post, featuring options like Quickbooks Cash.

Azlo provided services under BBVA USA, which was acquired in November by PNC Financial Services.

CFPB, SEC Chair Appointments Begin Senate Hearing

March 2, 2021
Article by:

CFPB Chair Nominee Rohit Chopra (“Chopra like Oprah” he explained) and SEC Chair nominee Gary Gensler faced questions from Senators in the first confirmation hearings on Tuesday.

The pair were fielded questions over a video call. The confirmation hearings are mostly ceremonial; with a partisan house and senate, it is unlikely either appointment will be blocked.

Senators used their time to make question-statements featuring popular political talking points. Topics ranged from student loan finance reform, Bitcoin and crypto regulation, environmental reform through business regulation, and retail stock trading protections.

The appointees answered in the uniform tone of life-long public servicemen that have mastered the art of not directly answering questions. Each demonstrates their respective regulator points of view through action. By Reading each appointee’s resume, it becomes clear why they were chosen for Biden’s regulatory offices.

Chopra became a secretary at the CFPB when the organization was minted in 2008, and he focused on regulating student loans. The CFPB under Chopra will likely focus on extending CFPB regulatory controls over lending, payday lending, student debt, and possibly even fintech lending.

Gensler was the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s chair, and he helped scale up securities regulation following the housing crisis, his work creating the Dodd-Frank act. The SEC will likely ramp up regulatory action over crypto-currency and address concerns with retail investing and public security sales.

“Technologies change, and markets change, but we should always evaluate new approaches to markets,” Gensler said in response to questions about stock trading and gamification.

Steve Daines, a Republican from Montana, asked Chopra his opinion whether the CFPB should be led by a multiple-member commission to avoid politicization over the leadership. Chopra said it wasn’t up to him.

“It’s the job of Congress to decide the agency structure. In my view, regardless if it’s a single director, there needs to be accountability, responsiveness,” Chopra said. “Where I sit at the FTC, this agency has missed some of the worst engagements when it comes to big tech privacy, while the CFTC under Gary did take action and was transparent.”

When the Trump administration attempted to appoint a new CFPB director, the Obama chair claimed it was illegal for the president to seat a new chair. In June last year, the Supreme Court said that was unconstitutional, and like most other executive offices, the president has the power to appoint leaders.

Chopra did say that regulating student loan debt was something under the purview of the CFPB. He was asked if CFPB had the authority to address the $1.7 trillion in student loan debt.

“Yes, my understanding is that the existing law and regulations, those financial services are covered.” He said.

Senator John Kennedy, a Louisianan democrat who tuned republican after 2007, asked Gary Gensler about the great recession and his time creating regulation at the US Treasury in the aftermath.

“Why didn’t anybody go to jail?” Kennedy said.

“Well, I wonder the answer to that question too; I was pursuing civil cases. It is largely up to the Department of Justice,” Gensler tried to answer. “These cases are hard to try and hard to find intent.”

Bill Hagarty, a Republican from Tennessee, asked Gensler about using business regulatory offices for social reforms, using the local proverb “You don’t shoot where the rabbit was.”

Forward Financing Reaches $1 Billion in Funding to Underserved Small Business

March 1, 2021
Article by:

Boston-based Fintech Company Expands Main Street’s Access to Capital During Pandemic, Achieves Major Growth Milestone

Boston, Mass., March 1, 2021 – Forward Financing, a financial technology company that provides flexible revenue-based financing to small businesses, today announced that they have provided $1 billion in funding since their inception in 2012. The majority of this funding has gone to underserved small businesses nationwide; those that are unable to obtain financing through traditional sources like banks or the Small Business Administration.

“Nine years ago, we started this company upon the realization that so many small businesses lacked access to working capital,” said Forward Financing co-founder and CEO Justin Bakes. “As we look ahead to our next $1 billion milestone, we will continue to focus on providing best-in-class customer service and on helping our small business customers reach their full potential, no matter what challenges may arise.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the U.S. economy and many small businesses have needed additional financial resources to get by. Despite over $600 billion in loans provided through the Payroll Protection Program, this alone has been insufficient in fulfilling the need for capital. As a result, many small business owners have turned to funders like Forward Financing for support.

Forward Financing is uniquely suited to help small businesses during this economic downturn because it offers financing that is based on revenue, and is not a loan. Therefore, small business customers who may be experiencing a revenue slowdown can reduce their payments proportionately.

“Forward Financing has helped me grow my business and take advantage of opportunities,” a retail business owner recently said. “Their service has been excellent and when COVID hit, they easily and efficiently helped me adjust my payment schedule so I remained current and my business was not interrupted. I will use them again and again in the future!”

Over the past six months, Forward Financing has grown daily funding volume at an average rate of 17% per month as they continue to help small businesses navigate the pandemic economy. In order to help meet rapidly growing demand, they are currently expanding headcount in Boston by 20%.

About Forward Financing

Forward Financing is a Boston-based financial technology company that provides fast, flexible working capital to small businesses nationwide. Their dedicated account representatives and advanced proprietary technology help customers spend less time finding capital and more time growing their business. With a simple, secure online application, business owners can trust that Forward Financing works to get them approvals within minutes, funding within hours, and personalized support when they need it most.

Since 2012, Forward Financing has expanded Main Street’s access to capital by providing over $1 billion in funding to nearly 30,000 small businesses. The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and ‘Excellent / 4.9 stars’ on Trustpilot.com. Forward Financing was named a Best Place To Work by both

the Boston Business Journal and Built In Boston, and has been named by both Inc. Magazine and the Boston Business Journal as one of Massachusetts’ fastest-growing companies each year since 2017. Forward Financing is committed to helping more small business owners succeed and achieve their full potential. To learn more, visit www.forwardfinancing.com.

Media Contact
Lauren Groccia

Linear CEO on New Merger

March 1, 2021
Article by:

Fundation LinearFundation and ODX were in talks to merge for over a year, Linear and past Fundation CEO Sam Graziano said. Then covid changed plans, but by mid-summer talks were back on.

There was recognition by the leadership team at Fundation and CEO of OnDeck Noah Breslow that ODX and Fundation were competitors in the same banking-as-a-service space and could merge to serve the entire market, Graziano said.

Launching with the press release last week, Linear is majority-owned by Fundation, but Graziano said it was looked at as a “cashless transaction” and merger between two companies. This upcoming year, Linear plans “To merge the two businesses more structurally,” Graziano said, “continue to merge the two businesses, deepen industry relationships, and continue to expand the scope of clients.”

Fundation’s minor business funding branch will continue under the Fundation brand, Graziano said.

NYC Fintech Women Ring Closing Bell

February 26, 2021
Article by:

NYC Fintech Women rang the closing bell at the Nasdaq exchange with a speech by founder Michelle Tran. Photos of the members could be seen on the big Nasdaq board in Times Square.

“I’m so proud to be standing with the team as we ring the closing bell for NYC Fintech Women and all women in FinTech! I started NYC FinTech Women 3 years ago to build a community of strong female FinTech leaders and male allies to support each other in our professional advancement in FinTech,” Tran said before the event. “I absolutely LOVE hearing the stories of how this community has helped with stories of women finding new roles, getting promoted, getting more pay, and finding their own personal board.”

The organization said the bell was rung on behalf of all women in fintech and promoted an upcoming international women’s day event featuring Nasdaq and the UN on March 8th.

The 5,000 member strong organization was founded in 2017 to provide members of any gender with opportunity and connection.

Kabbage To Be “Relaunched” by Amex End of Q1 Into Q2

February 25, 2021
Article by:

kabbageAmerican Express was fairly vague about details related to its recently acquired small business lending platform, Kabbage, in its Q4 earnings disclosed last month, but analysts were curious and asked executives for more information on the call.

“As far as Kabbage goes,” said Stephen Squeri, Amex’s CEO, “I think the thing that we’re really excited about is Kabbage is it gives us a platform that we can interact with our small businesses. And so, to be able to go to one platform to not only get a working capital loan, to get a term loan, to have now a business checking account, to be able to have your card product, to do cash flow analysis on the platform, it gives us sort of an all-in-one platform to serve the needs of small businesses, which is why we did that and what we’ve been shooting for over the last couple of years, it was just a very fortuitous time and a very fortuitous acquisition for us. And we’ll be rolling that out end of Q1 into Q2 and continuing to make enhancements on Kabbage. So we’re really excited about it and the opportunities that it brings from a small business perspective.”

Earlier in the call Squeri said that work was already underway “to integrate and relaunch Kabbage’s suite of products.”

In 2019, Kabbage had been among the top 3 online small business lenders in the country. Covid-related stress likely played a factor in their being acquired by Amex in 2020.

Following that, Kabbage co-founder Kathryn Petralia told deBanked: “American Express shares our vision to be an essential partner to small businesses, and we couldn’t be more excited at the opportunity to continue the important work of providing solutions and innovative capabilities that address a range of small business cash flow needs alongside AmEx.”

ODX Merges with Fundation

February 25, 2021
Article by:

Linear Financial TechnologiesThe ODX brand from OnDeck is splitting off to combine with Fundation, forming a new SMB digital banking company called Linear Financial Technologies.

The news follows the recent disclosure from Enova that it was looking to divest ODX in addition to OnDeck Canada and OnDeck Australia.

The new firm, headed by the current CEO of Fundation, Sam Graziano, will be an online banking service provider. Linear will take on Fundation’s service of processing loans for big and small banks, reportedly processing a total of $13 billion.

“Over the years, our combined platforms have served hundreds of thousands of business customers through many of the leading business banking providers in the market, deploying modern banking experiences that their customers and front-line colleagues expect in the digital era,” said Graziano in the published announcement. “Together as Linear, we’ll have the resources to more rapidly expand the breadth of our solutions to bring more value to our clients.”

Enova will retain a minority stake in the new firm.

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