Dedicated Commercial Recovery & Lease Security Systems Reach Agreement for Mutual Referral Relationship

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Agreement Centers on Blok Box SaaS, Providing Innovative Default Resolution

MINNEAPOLIS – December 28, 2021 – Dedicated Commercial Recovery CEO Shawn Smith and Lease Security Systems President Frank Thibodeau today announced that their companies have forged an agreement for a mutual referral relationship. The agreement centers on Dedicated Commercial Recovery use of Blok Box SaaS provided by Lease Security Systems.

The Blok Box is a combination surge protector and power interrupter that can be installed easily on any piece of electrically powered or controlled equipment. The Blok Box allows equipment to work normally until there is a default in payment, at which point the secured lender or lessor can disable the equipment remotely and wirelessly through the Blok Box website. When a default is resolved, the lender or lessor can return the equipment to normal operation immediately.

“We see this technology as an enhancement to our lessor services and to our commitment to work proactively and openly with lessees,” said Smith. “Blok Box allows us to be firm and yet unobtrusive. It’s a much more goodwilled approach to default than traditional repossession.”

“With Blok Box, leased equipment can be tracked easily and deactivated remotely, if needed,” said Thibodeau. “Though in most cases, the Blok Box service simply compels improved communication between the lessee and lessor before a cash flow issue becomes a default problem.”

“We know that our customers appreciate collection tools that are not heavy-handed, and that is why we recommend Dedicated Commercial Recovery to our customers,” said Thibodeau.

“At Dedicated, we will encourage our clients to use Blok Box as a tool to help facilitate open and honest communication between lessees and lessors,” said Smith. “This technology is tailor-made for a collections company like ours, where we value relationships and strive to honor the dignity of everyone we serve.”

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Last modified: December 28, 2021
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