Livestream Chat About The “Reality Show”

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deBanked TVSomeone once told me that I would’ve been a great marketing guy. In the span of 24 hours, we’ve collected a lot of feedback and commentary about a planned 5-episode web TV show.

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on what they anticipate it would be about and how it would play out. There are a lot of young professionals out there who would benefit from educational tools and materials. We’ve been compiling learning materials for them over the past year. In my opinion, this show was in the same vein, just structured differently.

I personally think that there is a generational gap on how information is consumed. Today’s new young professionals were born on or after the year 2000. I think about them often: what they view, how they view it, what they remember, and why they remember it. I have to. Some of them are our readers or I hope they will be.

A recording of it can be viewed here.

Last modified: September 1, 2021
Sean Murray

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