Should You Co-broker Your Deals? (The First deBanked Podcast)

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podcastThe debate over co-brokering deals has escalated into the first-ever recorded discussion between industry veterans Arty Bujan of Cardinal Equity and John Tucker of 1st Capital Loans. Moderated by myself and very lightly edited, below you can listen to deBanked’s first ever Podcast.

Tucker has been an outspoken opponent of co-brokering and has been promoting his unique learn-it-yourself and do-it-yourself approach. That’s not always easy in the tricky business of merchant cash advance and commercial lending, but he says it can be done. Bujan by contrast, is an industry leading broker for other brokers. He services more than 60 brokers and explains that his business isn’t just for newbies, but also for other industry vets. There’s a reason why that is.

Should you broker your deal to another broker? Listen below:


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Last modified: February 18, 2016
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