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cashbot imageWe’ve all been that newbie that asked a question that got everyone mad because so many other people have answered it already. One day when I was emailed the same question from five different people, I thought about creating an email script that would detect certain questions and just auto-respond with an answer.

Nah, but I can’t really do that… I thought.

But then what if I could?

Meet the cashbot, the lovable forum bot that will answer your questions, underwrite your deals and give you OnDeck stock updates. What more could you want from a bot? It’s only version 0.1, but it works (most of the time). The cashbot won’t actually assess the risk of your deals, but it will generate its own opinion on them.

who funds in puerto rico?

ondeck quote

deal opinion

These are the basic commands currently available:

Type cashbot anywhere in your post (one word) on the deBanked forum along with one of the following commands anywhere:

opinion – I’ll give you my opinion on your deal. You might not like it though!
specs – That’s how you got here. This will tell you all the latest information about myself.
who is – I’ll provide some basic contact information about a specific company (currently limited to forum advertisers)
who funds – I’ll provide a list of companies that fund in special regions like Puerto Rico and Canada. You can add or remove your company from a regional list by e-mailing
ondeck – I’ll give you current trading information about OnDeck Capital’s stock

Forgive me if some of the commands don’t work perfectly. Truth be told, these commands were added in as part of a response test while working on a larger project.

What was that project? Well let’s just say that cashbot was originally drafted with the idea that users could syndicate in deals simply by interacting with the bot in the forum. It worked, but I have stopped developing it.

deal auction

In the meantime, feel free to comment on what kind of commands you’d like the bot to respond to. If your company funds in Puerto Rico or Canada or somewhere else unique, let me know and I’ll add you to the bot’s data repository.

Try out the cashbot on the forum HERE

If you were a member of the Merchant Processing Resource/deBanked forum in the 2010 – 2012 era, you will need to reset your password because of a software upgrade.

Last modified: March 23, 2015
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