deBanked® Tracker as of July 26, 2017

NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
+100.37%+203%Jul 26, 4:02PM EDT
Lending ClubLC5.210.071.36%
-0.76%-65%Jul 26, 4:02PM EDT
-5.18%-78%Jul 26, 4:02PM EDT
IOU FinancialIOU0.2000.0000.000%
-28.57%-Jul 26, 4:00PM EDT
China Rapid FinanceXRF6.79-0.01-0.15%
+13.17%+13%Jul 26, 4:02PM EDT
+71.28%+255%Jul 26, 4:06PM EDT
+26.29%-40%Jul 26, 4:02PM EDT
+27.85%+28%Jul 26, 4:02PM EDT
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NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
Ranger Direct LendingRDL810.623.620.45%
-17.70%-19%Jul 26, 5:15PM GMT+1
VPC Specialty LendingVSL80.50-0.50-0.62%
+2.22%-20%Jul 26, 5:15PM GMT+1
P2P Global InvestmentsP2P871.00-5.50-0.63%
+10.87%-13%Jul 26, 5:15PM GMT+1
Funding Circle Income FundFCIF103.50-0.88-0.84%
+2.48%+1%Jul 26, 5:15PM GMT+1

NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
S&P 500.INX2477.830.700.03%
+10.68%-Jul 26, 5:15PM EDT
NASDAQ Bank IndexBANK3742.18-65.75-1.73%
-2.86%-Jul 26, 5:15PM EDT
+60.50%-July 26 7:30pm EDT

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