deBanked® Tracker as of August 17, 2017

NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
IOU FinancialIOU0.2000.0000.000%
-28.57%-Aug 17, 4:00PM EDT
-2.79%-54%Aug 17, 4:02PM EDT
Lending ClubLC5.83-0.09-1.52%
+11.05%-61%Aug 17, 4:03PM EDT
+80.04%+173%Aug 17, 4:02PM EDT
+3.02%-76%Aug 17, 4:02PM EDT
+90.40%+295%Aug 17, 4:03PM EDT
+3.85%+4%Aug 17, 4:02PM EDT
China Rapid FinanceXRF6.55-0.34-4.93%
+9.17%+9%Aug 17, 4:04PM EDT
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Fifth Third Bank to buy loans from ApplePie
China Rapid Finance releases Q2 earnings
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Business lending dynamics across the US
DocuSign is now accepted by the fed govt
Goldman Sachs has bet on 15 fintech firms
Why fintech startups love the NYC subway
iPayment is back in the MCA business
Here's why you can't call Bitcoin a bubble

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NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
Ranger Direct LendingRDL811.621.620.20%
-17.60%-19%Aug 17, 5:35PM GMT+1
P2P Global InvestmentsP2P875.000.450.05%
+11.38%-13%Aug 17, 5:35PM GMT+1
Funding Circle Income FundFCIF104.00-0.25-0.24%
+2.97%+2%Aug 17, 5:35PM GMT+1
VPC Specialty LendingVSL80.25-0.50-0.62%
+1.90%-21%Aug 17, 5:35PM GMT+1

NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
S&P 500.INX2430.01-38.10-1.54%
+8.54%-Aug 17, 5:15PM EDT
NASDAQ Bank IndexBANK3542.60-87.63-2.41%
-8.04%-Aug 17, 5:15PM EDT
+76.91%-August 17 7:30pm EDT

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