deBanked® Tracker as of May 22, 2017

NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
-21.60%-82%May 22, 4:02PM EDT
+53.71%+133%May 22, 4:01PM EDT
Lending ClubLC5.900.244.24%
+12.38%-61%May 22, 4:03PM EDT
China Rapid FinanceXRF7.430.192.62%
+23.83%+24%May 22, 4:03PM EDT
+17.54%+18%May 22, 4:02PM EDT
IOU FinancialIOU0.2300.0000.000%
-17.86%-May 19, 4:00PM EDT
+5.58%-50%May 22, 4:02PM EDT
+14.04%+136%May 22, 4:04PM EDT
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NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
Ranger Direct LendingRDL850.006.500.77%
-13.71%-15%May 22, 5:15PM GMT+1
P2P Global InvestmentsP2P874.380.380.04%
+11.30%-13%May 22, 5:15PM GMT+1
VPC Specialty LendingVSL80.94-0.18-0.23%
+2.78%-20%May 22, 5:15PM GMT+1
Funding Circle Income FundFCIF103.00-1.00-0.96%
+1.98%+1%May 22, 5:15PM GMT+1

NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
NASDAQ Bank IndexBANK3598.3819.870.56%
-6.60%-May 22, 5:15PM EDT
S&P 500.INX2394.0212.290.52%
+6.93%-May 22, 5:15PM EDT
+50.85%-May 22 7:30pm EDT

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