deBanked® Online Lender Tracker as of October 23, 2017

NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
+138.66%+261%Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
+141.94%+401%Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
+15.69%+16%Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
+7.56%-75%Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
+13.94%-46%Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
Lending ClubLC5.69-0.30-5.09%
+8.38%-62%Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
IOU FinancialIOU0.140-0.010-6.67%
-50.00%-Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
China Rapid FinanceXRF9.06-0.80-8.11%
+51.00%+51%Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
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NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
Ranger Direct LendingRDL793.58+3.080.39%
--Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
Funding Circle Income FundFCIF103.500.000.00%
--Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
VPC Specialty LendingVSL77.55-0.45-0.58%
--Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
P2P Global InvestmentsP2P794.87-5.13-0.64%
--Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT

NameTickerPrice1-Day1-Day %YTDYTD %All TimeLast Checked
S&P 500.INX2564.98-10.23-0.40%
+14.57%-Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
NASDAQ Bank IndexBANK3934.35-39.67-1.00%
+2.13%-Oct 23 4:30 pm EDT
+83.29%-October 23 4:30pm EDT

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