The deBanked® Specialty Business Lending Tracker

DirectionNameTickerPriceChange52-Week Low52-Week High
Market Cap
Last Checked
American Express BankAXP$88.40-0.02$59.50$89.3878.14BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
BlackRock Capital InvestmentBKCC$7.250.00$6.75$8.42529.63MSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
Fifth Street Finance CorpFSC$5.34+0.05$3.90$5.95752.73MSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
FS InvestmentsFSIC$8.10+0.05$7.95$10.801.99BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
Goldman Sachs BDCGSBD$22.29+0.32$20.00$25.60881.21MSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
Golub Capital BDCGBDC$18.72+0.21$17.34$20.501.11BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
Hercules CapitalHTGC$12.64+0.15$11.64$15.681.05BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
Intuit IncINTU$146.32+1.83$103.22$146.7237.56BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
Main Street Capital CorpMAIN$39.92+0.21$32.12$40.862.27BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
New Mountain FinanceNMFC$13.95+0.15$13.05$15.001.06BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
PennantPark InvestmentPNNT$7.48-0.01$6.86$8.68531.54MSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
Prospect Capital CorpPSEC$6.69-0.03$6.54$9.582.41BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
Solar Capital LtdSLRC$20.62+0.18$19.26$22.94871.42MSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
TCP Capital CorpTCPC$16.20+0.14$15.33$17.47952.43MSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
The Pitney Bowes BankPBI$13.58+0.29$12.31$18.242.54BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT
TPG Specialty LendingTSLX$20.34+0.18$17.40$21.741.22BSep 22 4:30 pm EDT

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