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Thread: need 15k second

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    need 15k second

    I have a merchsnt who does 40-50k has a 23% remit (lockbox ) with a 88k balance . Here's the thing. She's had multiple positions and paid them off . However she heavily utilized her overdraft protection 11 neg days a month . However she has never defaulted in years of taking MCA . I can't go to the lender id normally go to. So who will give me 10-15k second or does anyone even consider buying out such a large balance , doing a cc split lengthen out a term with a remit of max 26%,and net her 15% but in the process keeping the deal on the books and having the safety cushion of the cc split . No time for another ISO saying they can do it . I have too many deals in play to go hunting so direct lenders who are aware she is heavily negative last month , but she has always paid her loans , and can figure out a fair holdback % where it is worth it to own the deal outright by buying out 1st position lender , text me 7185819802. I will call you from my office

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