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    Lightbulb Exclusive Leads for Sale

    We are a new brokerage, and we have excess leads coming in that are too much for us to currently handle. We'd like to sell some of our leads as an EXCLUSIVE sale. We'd like to sell about 2 or maybe 3 per day (based on our volume).

    These are exclusive leads under the name of our company American Business Funders, and we will not resell them. Information we receive: monthly income, credit score, amount funded, purpose of funding, email, business address, knowledge of previous bankruptcies, knowledge of any current loans, negative days per month, and they they have given explicit permission to be contacted by an agent, and they are presently looking for money (not "in a month" or the like). We will also have a full recording of the call.

    We'd like to sell the leads for $45 apiece. First come, first serve.

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    Please send me your number or call me at 213.341.3711. I am interested in your leads.

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    I am also interested 3233016147

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    Exclusive Leads for Sale

    Nice deal just had a bogo offer at the grocery
    Store for barbecue sauce

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    I guess things didn't pan out like I thought they would with these calling centers. One of the Bangladesh calling centers I was working with isn't quite as good as we thought. If things change, I'll be back, but I'm not selling such low quality junk. Go try and buy from if you want outbound leads.

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    Exclusive Leads for Sale

    Outsourcing leads coming from Bangladesh
    Lol, stay American dr you thing American
    Business owners are going to send there banking information to someone affiliated to
    India, Vietnam or Bangladesh Btw I will say that
    Bangladesh bread is good but seriously you may have better succes with an American on the phone

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    lol, i just joined this forum after being with daily funder for sometime and it seems that people are trying to sell the same crappy leads that have been circulated elsewhere, if they were so good and your potential income lets say could be a min of $1000 per deal, why would you sell them ?
    Jerry Starr

    Insource Funding
    931 Village Blvd #905
    West Palm Beach, Fl 33409
    P: 800.805.3391 | Cell: 561.318.3104 //


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    Exclusive Leads for Sale

    Exactly well said because the lead is BBQ
    And he is looking to pawn them off to another
    To recoup his acquisition cost

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