This Startup Wants to Bring Realtime Payments to Medical Claims

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New York City-based fintech startup Liquid FSI unveiled its first product, Convert2Pay, a platform for claiming medical bills.

Liquid FSI was founded in 2014 and after two years of development and testing, the company launched its first white label solution, Convert2Pay, a platform where healthcare professionals can verify and claim medical invoices and get paid in real time. 

Founder and CEO Frank Capozza wants to tend to the alternative finance opportunity in healthcare. “The SMB financing industry is reaching maturity with high cost of customer acquisition, declining renewal rates, ISO channel conflict, and stiff competition from new market entries like PayPal, Square, and American Express,” Capozza said.

“Since our strategy is to integrate our ‘View, Verify, Convert’ technology into the healthcare practice and lab management ecosystem, it’s a win-win for lenders and borrowers,” Capozza said in a statement. The Company will offer the product as a ‘white label’ solution to an alternative lending company.

Last modified: December 18, 2016

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