Kitchen Must-Haves: Items You Can’t Live Without

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knife sharpeningThere are a few things every professional kitchen should have. If you don’t already have these items, then place them on your soon-to-purchase list.

Vacuum Sealing Machine- This machine instantly removes air and seals food in baggies. This process stores food longer and keeps it fresher. Cooked vegetables, meats, and sauces can be sealed up and refrigerated or frozen until you need them again. It’s a waste preventer and a kitchen life-saver. The vacuum sealed bags save space in the cooler and help maintain organization. (Tip: You don’t always have to buy the special vacuum sealing bags; a generic freezer storage bag can be sealed the very same way.)

Handheld Burr Mixer- This handy tool enables you to blend up homemade sauces and dressings with ease. It’s better than hand-mixing or whisking because it incorporates more air faster, creating a sauce that holds together and doesn’t end up separating. It’s also a must-have for creating homemade soups and bisques.

Knife Sharpening Equipment or Service- Many kitchens rent knives from companies that deliver a freshly sharpened batch every other week or so, but if you use your own knives, invest in sharpening tools to keep them in their best condition. Sharp knives not only make your chopped and sliced food look better, they also reduce the risk of employee injury. Nothing is more dangerous than trying to force a dull knife to do its job.

Steamer- Once you’ve had a food steamer, you will never be able to survive without one because they are such a convenience. Steamers are a great way to effortlessly cook large batches of food without the hassle of pots and pans scattered everywhere. They are ideal for cooking vegetables and seafood, but you’ll be amazed at how many different foods can be steam-cooked.

Last modified: March 6, 2013
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