Why LinkedIn Has No Value For a Small Business

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Dear small business owners,

Curious if you need to compliment your account on Facebook with an account on LinkedIn? As savvy network professionals, we thought it would be helpful to spare you the 15 minutes of signing up and the lifetime of unsolicited advertising.

What LinkedIn is all about:
1. Getting as many connections as possible to show off how important you are in the business world.

2. Presenting your profile as a resumé. (Look at my accomplishments!)

3. Joining virtual groups to make it look like you are involved. (Nothing happens in these groups except for a lot of link spamming.)

4. Your connections will intentionally and unintentionally add you to telemarketing lists and e-mail spam lists. Connecting only with real friends and colleagues is no cure for the advertising onslaught you will face. Have you ever been asked by a random website to register for something using your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account? This is a trick to give that random website full access to all of your friends, followers, or connections. They then use that information themselves or sell it to third parties to solicit you.

5. If you own a retail business, your customers are searching for you on Google, Facebook, or Twitter. They don’t care if you’re on LinkedIn, nor will your resumé impact their decision to purchase a new stapler or hamburger from your store.

There’s a good place to network professionally; it’s called “real life.” Sign up is free!

Last modified: November 2, 2011
Sean Murray

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